Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A New Day!

Hello everyone! I thought I'd kick of this first entry by telling everyone a little bit about me. My Name is Brian, and i go to Washington State University. My major is microbiology and genetics and I'll be finished after this wonderful semester. I guess that would just be the simple basic things about me, if you wonder what more I suggest you just get a hold of me, theres is just too much to be said =P.

Anyways I found it strange how i always stay up late, I always find something that could distract me. For once i was able to fall asleep early and by early I mean before 1 in the morning, i usually like to fall asleep around 2-3 in the morning. Doing this I though I would be able to get back on a normal schedule, start sleeping at around 11-12 at night and wake up at around 7-8 in the morning, I suppose the sleeping early part is the easy part, the waking on the other hand just went to shambles. Anyone ever find them selves waking up to a alarm and going back to sleep or having the ability to re-adjust your alarm to go off an hour later then go back to sleep? Well... lemme tell you this, I've done that, and I will always do that. I must find a way to change this! Maybe its because i don't have anything that requires me to do so, but I would really love to see more morning and less of the night. This semester I'm only taking one class and working a on campus laboratory job.


Anyways from the series of images above, for once I went to sleep with my blinds open hoping the sky would be clear and the sun would shine on my face but that didn't deter me from my objective... sleep! It turned out to be a relatively nice day except for the ice cold air. The next photo just shows what it looks like when you open the front door to my apartment, some days it opens fine, some days you find your self pulling until the ice seal around the door breaks. lastly, you know its cold when you see icicles, brr.....


After managing to roll out of bed, shower, and eat, it was time for work! I am a microbiology student so I must work is a lab right? Well this lab I work is in similar to my field but not exactly what I'd like to do. This is a Biochemistry that is ran by Dr. Susan Wang. (more into what we do in that lab next time) Working there this semester I cant seem to look anywhere without seeing those labels all over, I thought maybe you guys would like to see so there they are.

I usually work Monday through Friday starting at 10AM and staying as long as I please or until the work is done for the day. On Mon-Wed-Fri at about 3:10PM is when I have my Cell biology class which is not exactly what you call fun but it can be a pretty interesting class if your lucky enough to stay awake!


When class if over I usually leave with Helen and await for a ride from Astro (Helen's friend) usually he is there and awaiting but this time, we got there a bit early. So standing around int he freezing cold we find ourselves arms crossed and heads looking down to prevent the cold chill from going down our necks. Then looking down we notice that we were wearing those classic chucks and then Helen decides she wants to size her foot up to mine, can you guess which one is Helen's foot? bwahaha, pst... its the one on the left! just kidding!!!

Anyways this should be a O.K. kick off for a blog entry, and should make some of you guys happy! Its time to eat study and post a few more photos.