Saturday, February 23, 2008

Seattle Photoshoot, yeah?

This is certainly a entry one week past due! The previous weekend I was fortunate enough to have great weather and the company of Peter and Jenn for a day in Seattle photographing the a small slice of what makes up the essence of Seattle. The day started out at 10 in the morning and ended when we couldn't stand the cold brisk air. We started the day with a instantaneous decision of where to eat, since I didn't say anything right away I had to choose where to go eat, so I suggested Samurai Noddle. It was small place which filled our satisfied tummy's. I wont list the rest of places we went because Peter and Jenn have already covered the weekend pretty well, so then I will share with you some of the photos that made my day, they may not be perfect, i may not be fully satisfied with them but I am still learning. Thanks to this trip, we have came up with PB&J! Enjoy!

*click to enlarge the photos*


peter and jenn

me and Jenn






Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy 4th Day of Lunar New Years.

Sorry all, i didn't have much to say about Lunar New Years. Being in Pullman and all, there isn't much going to to make a big deal about it. On the other hand I was able to finally get my raster image on the wall. For all of you that do not know what a raster image is, it is basically a image made up of dots varying in size to show dimension. An example of this would be images in news prints, looking carefully you can see that image is comprised of many dots that vary in size and sometimes even in color. The program that was used to produce this image was called Rasterbator. This program allows you to take small photos and make large format posters which can put up anywhere. With the help from Teresa, she helped me print out this 130 page monstrosity.
Rastor self wall

On another note, that photo was taken almost exactly a year ago. Here are a series of snapshots showing the few things we did when the car blew a gasket and broke down on highway 26. This was several miles was Washtuckna(sp) This was presidents day weekend, the 3 day weekend we decided to go back and relax but with that failed trip i have here a small photo documentation of what went down while waiting for the tow truck to arrive. Among these photos you'll see Seth, Paul, Melinda and of course me!



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Think, Point, Adjust and Fire-away!

I've finally got it... Dreams come through with work! After 155 shots I've captured something thing that I partially like but is not exactly what i wanted. Well here it is.


Monday, February 4, 2008

"This is where I work"

If any of you guys are curious, this is where I work. I work on the 4th floor of Heald, in a biochemistry lab. This is the view I usually get, and better when its really sunny and a shot of my work area, which is really really clean right now. That notebook right there is my life, everything i do in that lab I have to recored, or the PI will have my head!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

On Cold days...

Ohh... man was that a long weekend. Today is Sunday and tomorrow class starts again, and i must go to work. The weather out side is still cold and unwelcoming. What better to do then make some Pork and Tofu soup to counter those winter chills. More later!


On Last Night’s Menu... Steak Dinner!

Last night Dylan decided to cook steak for dinner while Anthony provided the ingredients. It came out pretty good (no one got sick) though they could have been cooked just a smidgen longer. If it looks good to you and you want th recipe just ask Dylan what he put in.

Steak Dinner

When most of us college student think of alcohol vodka does always come to mind, and the choices between all the other flavors in the world like raspberry, lemon, apple, mandarin, pear or even plain, but there was this one gem that caught (someone I will not mention) decided to choose and that was WASABI flavored vodka. The name of this exotically named drink brought mind gagging thoughts of how it would actually taste, but nonetheless one would have to at least try things once around, and so we did... It wasn't exactly my cup of tea but it certainly DID taste like wasabi and that that was the last time, ever. Here is a before and after "a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words" type photo.

Wasabi Vodka 2

Here is a macro photo of a watch I thought Peter might like.


Lastly here is an update on the doodle table after a night. (note not all sides are showing. you have to physically be here to see those) Enjoy!

Table update 2-3-08

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Reluctant Blog....

After posting the first entry I was really satisfied with it ...then it went all downhill. I found it really difficult to get myself back on and post about dem random things. The last few weeks have been pretty interesting. Last year with my previous roommate (Cheeyoon Chun) decided we wanted a dynamic piece of art in our apartment but it couldn't be anything that was too messy, so we decided to make a table as the center piece (out coffee table) so what ended up happening was a box being built that was painted all white and with the abundance of colorful permanent markers, this masterpiece still continues to grow to this day. It has entertained guests and party goers for the last 5 months. Sometime this table surprise me, sitting around staring at the table, scanning for doodles people have left be hide, when I wasn't around. Well... have a look yourself. Come add to it if you haven't already.


Like the title of this blog... this sh*t is going to be random! People that go to Washington State University know that the weather over here is just crazy and erratic. The weather conditions are always either just really good or really bad. On January 31st we had one of the largest snow falls in a long time, enough to shut down the entire campus. WSU hasn't been shut down for 28 years. I'm not much of a writer so I'm going to stop here about the snow, let these two pictures finish the rest of this section. The photo below shows Anthony on the left, and Ben about to crown me with snow.


Here is just a once again "random" photo of Dylan posing with the -alien/girl made out of magnetic clips printed HP and Microsoft on them-