Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy 4th Day of Lunar New Years.

Sorry all, i didn't have much to say about Lunar New Years. Being in Pullman and all, there isn't much going to to make a big deal about it. On the other hand I was able to finally get my raster image on the wall. For all of you that do not know what a raster image is, it is basically a image made up of dots varying in size to show dimension. An example of this would be images in news prints, looking carefully you can see that image is comprised of many dots that vary in size and sometimes even in color. The program that was used to produce this image was called Rasterbator. This program allows you to take small photos and make large format posters which can put up anywhere. With the help from Teresa, she helped me print out this 130 page monstrosity.
Rastor self wall

On another note, that photo was taken almost exactly a year ago. Here are a series of snapshots showing the few things we did when the car blew a gasket and broke down on highway 26. This was several miles was Washtuckna(sp) This was presidents day weekend, the 3 day weekend we decided to go back and relax but with that failed trip i have here a small photo documentation of what went down while waiting for the tow truck to arrive. Among these photos you'll see Seth, Paul, Melinda and of course me!




Norma-Erin said...

Yeah..I didn't have anything to do on Saturday.. but I usually don't stay up that late...

that's a very big picture of yourself how funny...

J-fo said...

I bet that picture of yourself is tall as me lol

happpy lunar new year!

Brian said...


Its is a big picture, i'd like to see it as filling white space and being creative with it. How's it funny huh? Its been sitting in a stack for over 6 months, i thought maybe I'd get some use out of it before i go back home, because theres no way I'd put it up at home.

I'm sure if you came and stood next to this photo, it would still be taller than you, but if i placed it at ground level, you might... might be taller. Happy Lunar New year to you, 5th day!

Norma-Erin said...

Brian Steven Chen,

:) I wouldn't doubt that picture would be taller than me. You in person are already way taller than me. It's funny cuz it's a big big picture of you! haha! I'm not making fun of it, I think it's cool, it's just a big picture of Brian! :) I think it's cool! but then, the Green side of me is saying "tsk tsk" I'll let you slide on those papers...Please recycle when you're done with it? okie dokie? :)

Happy Lunar New Year to you too!

d y l a n t o u c h said...

man, i seriously need to get goin' with my rasterbation of my two images. where did u print the pieces for free again?

Brian said...


I'm sure you'd be taller then me in that photo.


Somehow that doesn't sound very cool! jk