Saturday, February 23, 2008

Seattle Photoshoot, yeah?

This is certainly a entry one week past due! The previous weekend I was fortunate enough to have great weather and the company of Peter and Jenn for a day in Seattle photographing the a small slice of what makes up the essence of Seattle. The day started out at 10 in the morning and ended when we couldn't stand the cold brisk air. We started the day with a instantaneous decision of where to eat, since I didn't say anything right away I had to choose where to go eat, so I suggested Samurai Noddle. It was small place which filled our satisfied tummy's. I wont list the rest of places we went because Peter and Jenn have already covered the weekend pretty well, so then I will share with you some of the photos that made my day, they may not be perfect, i may not be fully satisfied with them but I am still learning. Thanks to this trip, we have came up with PB&J! Enjoy!

*click to enlarge the photos*


peter and jenn

me and Jenn







Norma-Erin said...

:O) pretty!

J-fo said...

lol so i've tried commenting on this 3x...but i always get an error because my internet has been really wacky lately.. -__-

but yes! your photos are amazing! we def have to scope out new places

Norma-Erin said...

I found this one...

Laura said...

Wow! I love those last two. Impressive.

Zohre said...

Great picture!Well done. :)