Sunday, February 3, 2008

On Last Night’s Menu... Steak Dinner!

Last night Dylan decided to cook steak for dinner while Anthony provided the ingredients. It came out pretty good (no one got sick) though they could have been cooked just a smidgen longer. If it looks good to you and you want th recipe just ask Dylan what he put in.

Steak Dinner

When most of us college student think of alcohol vodka does always come to mind, and the choices between all the other flavors in the world like raspberry, lemon, apple, mandarin, pear or even plain, but there was this one gem that caught (someone I will not mention) decided to choose and that was WASABI flavored vodka. The name of this exotically named drink brought mind gagging thoughts of how it would actually taste, but nonetheless one would have to at least try things once around, and so we did... It wasn't exactly my cup of tea but it certainly DID taste like wasabi and that that was the last time, ever. Here is a before and after "a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words" type photo.

Wasabi Vodka 2

Here is a macro photo of a watch I thought Peter might like.


Lastly here is an update on the doodle table after a night. (note not all sides are showing. you have to physically be here to see those) Enjoy!

Table update 2-3-08


J-fo said...

hey that looks like a good dinner! you boys are impressive.

Wasabi vodka sounds absolutely disgusting lol I'm not a fan at wasabi at alllll

I look forward to seeing that table if I can find time to visit :D

Khoa said...

There better be a spot for me to draw on when I come visit.

Anthony said...

dylan looks handsome. I still have yet to draw on the table.

d y l a n t o u c h said...

i agree w/ anthony....dylan looks hot stuff w/ that insane facial expression.
btw....the wasabi vodka had this eerie shitake mushroom after taste LOL